How do We Change the Culture We Live In? (Part 3) How does the Foundation Influence Your Thinking?

Posted by Jenn Jones on July 25, 2013

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Yesterday I discussed foundational thinking. Developing the worldview that helps you discern the events taking place around you. How you view the world, the lens you see it through, influences everything else that you do. If you don’t have that foundation of truth to work from, you won’t be able to properly discern right from wrong. If your foundation is weak or based on what everyone else is telling you, you will blow around in the wind and won’t be able to endure the storms of life.
So obviously, how you think, what you think and why you think it are very heavily influenced by the foundation you stand on. Your thinking then influences everything else – your actions, your choices and decisions.
But the catch is, is that it doesn’t happen without effort. Just as building your foundation took time, effort and dedication – it takes the same to change the way you think. Every thought you have is influenced by your foundational knowledge and understanding of the world around you. Let’s just take the topic of abortion for an example. If you don’t truly understand the wonder of creation and how every life is created by God for a specific purpose in this life – you will not understand why it matters if a baby is aborted – killed. If you don’t understand the true meaning of the phrase “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” – you will not understand that a life taken is liberty lost.

Every thought you have is filtered through the worldview that you hold. If your worldview is distorted and based on the shifting definition of truth that the world tells you is acceptable, then your thoughts will be based on that distortion. And your decisions, choices and actions will come from that. It is a snowball effect.
Can you see how this all can effect the culture we live in? If the society / culture does not have a sound foundation on which to base how it lives – it is no wonder we are in the state of affairs we are now. Just as with government, changing a culture is no a top down system. It is a bottom up process. It starts with the individual learning what it means to self govern themselves based on the truth. There is only one truth despite what is taught today. Just as a lie or deception will permeate your thoughts and effect your life – the truth will do the same thing. But the truth must be sought after.