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Meet the man behind the curtain:
Eric Wilson is the co-author of “We Surround Them; Our Journey from Apathy to Action” as well as the e-book “Origins of a Social Movement”.  His newest book "Cultural Cycles is due to be released in the fall of 2017.

Eric has an award-winning career in data science and predictive analytics as well as being recognized as a leader in the Liberty or 9/12 Project movements. His books and writings have been the coming together of his professional life and personal passions where he uses history and analytics and most of all the readers own intuition and logic to explain the seemly rhythmic nature of history and current events.

The director of business planning for an international company and a thought leader and advisor for Institute of Business Forecasting.  J. Eric Wilson has been working in the fields of business forecasting and analytics for over twenty years. He is a certified professional forecaster who appeared in the Top 20 Pros to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive in 2015. He regularly writes peer-reviewed articles on forecasting and predicative analytics and was awarded the Excellence in Business Forecasting and Planning award by the Institute of Business Forecasting in 2016.

Wilson has a passion for history and politically he was the Director of 9/12 Project who has appeared on multiple shows including Glenn Beck’s and Neil Cavuto’s programs, Voice of America, and the BBC. He has also been featured in the Washington Post, Focus on Family, Reuters, Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal.