Press Release - New Book Coming Oct 9th

Press Release
October 4, 2017

Contact:   Eric Wilson
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New Book changing the way people view the past, present, and prepare for the future.

Every culture goes through predictable cycles of abundance and catastrophic “resets.” Eric Wilson, the director of the Kentucky 9/12 Project and former leader in the Tea Party movement has released his latest book “Cultural Cycles” and warns the United States is on the brink of its next reset, with potentially disastrous results – and he backs it up with data.

Owensboro, KY –  "Cultural Cycles" is a book written by Eric Wilson who is also a professional business forecaster for a local international company and worked in the field of analytics for over twenty years.   Through an intriguing mixture of historical acumen and big-data analytics - Cultural Cycles examines the cyclical nature of history and applies it to the United States today. Basing his observations on repeating eras and cycles from the seventeenth century to the present, Wilson reveals that the United States’ next cultural reset is imminent and posits what the consequences will be for a nation already divided. 

“This book was the coming together of my professional life and personal passions where I use history and analytics and most of all the readers own intuition and logic to explain the seemly rhythmic nature of history,” said Eric Wilson.  “I wanted it to be easy to understand but thought provoking and maybe even a clarion call as well.”

Eric’s book is a fascinating, easily understood exploration of history and analytics, Cultural Cycles uses practical reasoning and intuitive insight to reveal what many sense—the next great turn of the wheel of history.  His book demonstrates a predictable cycle of historic extremes from periods of abundance and growth to cultural crises, or “resets,” marked by disastrous social and political upheaval. Each cycle, per his calculations, is approximately eighty-two years and separated into four distinct eras called “Family”, “Community”, “Self”, and “Guardian.”  At its worst, during the final era comes a reset that can destroy a culture—and any nations strong enough to survive such events are forever changed.  

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