Cultural Cycles - The End is Neigh

message from the Author Eric Wilson:

After five years, I have recently completed my latest book of an in depth look at the Cycles that move a culture and the next looming reset. Stay tuned for the new book coming this fall “Cultural Cycles: A Story of the History of the United States - Why It Repeats Itself, and the Next Looming Reset”.  This book uses history and analytics and most of all the readers own intuition and logic to explain the seemly rhythmic nature of history. We answer many of the questions of why various well-known historic events took place when they did and what we might be able to expect in the future.  After extensive research of historical patterns, I not only show how and why history does repeat itself but also provide insight to how America may be on the verge of the next cataclysmic reset. 


Extended Full Summary
History not only repeats itself but it also can be very interesting.  This 68,000-word book defines reoccurring “Cultural Cycles” that every nation goes through and makes a case that The United States is poised on the brink of its next reset, with potentially disastrous results. 

Cultural Cycles is the second book from author Eric Wilson.  It was released in the fall of 2017 after five years of research and is coming together of Wilson’s professional life and personal passions where he uses history and analytics and most of all the readers own intuition and logic to explain the seemly rhythmic nature of history and current events. Eric has over twenty years award-winning experience in the fields of business forecasting and analytics and is the director of business planning for an international company and a thought leader and advisor for Institute of Business Forecasting.

In his newest book, Cultural Cycles, Eric Wilson applies his knowledge of predictive analytics to the history of human cultures, to help illuminate the past, explain the present, and provide a bold picture of tomorrow. 

Part history, part prophecy, part logic – this book begins with a re-negotiation of how history is perceived from a linear view to that of a circular view of history. Almost immediately in the first section and first few chapters, he lays the foundation of the theory of recurring cycles in history and begins to change people’s paradigm in thinking.

Wilson then goes on to identify variables and various cycles that already occur throughout history and our culture and demonstrate their predictive behavior.  He takes us on a journey looking at everything from crime rates to income inequality to church and school attendance to death tolls and shows not only patterns but the relationship between them. 

From here Wilson demonstrates a predictable cycle of historic extremes from periods of abundance and growth to cultural crises, or “resets,” marked by disastrous social and political upheaval. Each cycle, per his calculations, is approximately eighty-two years and separated into four distinct eras called “Family”, “Community”, “Self”, and “Guardian.”  At its worst, during the final era comes a reset that can destroy a culture—and any nations strong enough to survive such events are forever changed.  Closely examining the historical cycles of the United States from the seventeenth century to the present, Eric details the various cultural cycles from 1600’s to today and into the future beyond the 2100’s.

As he argues that the nation is poised for its next cataclysmic reset – he concludes with some hope and a vision on navigating and preparing for future eras. In his final section, he provides four overriding principles that will help you focus on what is important during the reset and in the next cycle to come.   The nation’s future lies in the balance—and Wilson’s recommendations can help us prepare.

A fascinating, easily understood exploration of history and analytics, Cultural Cycles uses practical reasoning and intuitive insight to reveal what many sense—the next great turn of the wheel of history